Bible sermon for 13/9
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New blog + Jump
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Hi ppl, I'm back to blogging. My First post for my reflection blog. First of all, this is my reflection blog where i write & reflect about some general stuff. Anyone can view this blog. My first reflection will be on JUMP 08.The event was awesome and a success. Met up with the group but was a little late. Spend some time at kopitiam chatting and some ppl ate. That time was raining heavily and i was worried that it would not stop before the concert began. We soon set of to fort canning. It was the first time that i ever saw a lot ppl in a church event, it was a combined event.

The good thing about it is that we were in front, near the stage. The bad thing is that, we were standing next to blasting speakers. I had to cover one side of my ear so that i can hear balancely. lol. The event was rocking with lots of music and prayers. There was also a testimony by a lady from filipino service. She speaked about her family and the hard times that she had. The moral is that when she came to know God, she learned to forgive her father who had another family that she didn't know of. Her mother past away b4 she knew christ. I learned that God gave us the gift of forgiveness, its the matter of time when we want to forgive.

Thats all for now, i'll be back soon... byee

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